Homepage of Sven Prüfer

I am working as a mission planner and software developer at the German Space Operations Center in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. In case you find any mistakes on my website or would like to chat with me, shoot me an email at sven@musmehl.de.


A set of mathematical riddles including dwarves. It is written in German and the difficutly ranges from "Well-known and standard" to "I don't know anybody who knows a complete answer". A star means that the problem is more difficult. Illustrations are by Carina Willbold and Almut Tröller.

General Relativity

These are notes for a short course on general relativity for high school students at the math summer camp 2016 in Violau. Anyway they are here by request and were never made for publication. I will add links to much better documents online whenever I find them. However, this is a somewhat involved topic for younger students so if anybody has ideas or scripts explaining GR to high school students, please send me an email.

SAGE scripts for calculating Hurwitz numbers and Weil-Petersson volumes of moduli spaces

They are on Hurwitz numbers and Weil-Petersson volumes. I intend to clean them up and put them into a usable library when I have some time available.

Matheschülerzirkel Augsburg

I helped founding the Matheschülerzirkel Augsburg, an organization offering free advanced math courses to high school students in Augsburg and Bavaria. We offer math circles, a large math summer camp as well math olympiads. You can find the website here. The following are a few scripts that I created for this purpose, unfortunately most are in German. However, some of them are not yet finished and a few others we modified quite heavily in order to use them as correspondence letters. Anyway, have fun!

Course on Euclidean Geometry at Michigan State University Summer 2012

During my time at MSU I gave a course on Euclidean geometry for prospective high school teachers. The following are a few sample homework sheets. If you are interested in solutions or exams just let me know.

Physics Seminars Leipzig

Although there haven't been any Physics Seminars Leipzig recently I am putting my talks from 2013 and 2014 online. Please note that these are slides only so there was quite a bit more content back then.