Warning: All these projects are ongoing and certainly not finished!


The purpose of this program is to enable a machine-laerning algorithm to play Skat. However, so far the basic rule are implemented but no "Reizen" and no machine learning.

Github link: Skat


In the winter term 2016/2017 there was a course on astrodynamics at the University of Augsburg. This course mainly covered applications of two-body problems to space travel as well as finding orbits in the restricted planar circular three body problem with prescribed itinerary via Koon-Lo-Marsden-Ross. I implemented various procedures and algorithms used in space travel.

Github link: Astrodynamics


This is a collection of scripts as well as a presentation for an introduction of high school students to penetration testing. It starts with an explanation of basic networking and then continues to demonstarte a few examples such as ARP spoofing in combination with Wireshark, decrypting WEP-RC4 using Aircrack, hacking older PhPBB forums, SQL injections and DNS tunneling. At the moment the explanation of networking is mostly finished.

Github link: Pentest


The purpose of this program is to offer a GUI to existing python scripts and some new tools to faciliate organization of the Mathecamp Augsburg.

Github link: mathecamp-konfigurator


This is a generic wrapper for games exectued via console to automate tournaments between bots for these games.

Github link: mathecamp-games